Extend the reach of your ad with a landing page.

What is it ?

A page on which users “land” once they click on your ads. It’s a unique page created for a specific campaign and encourages users via a single link to engage with your brand. The landing page is an extension of your ad. You give users the option of finding out more about your brand with a clear call to action.

Why create this page ?

2 main goals :

1- Attract prospects through a form to get contact information such as emails and names for example. 

From there, you can communicate special offers and promotions to an audience who has already shown interest and therefore is more likely to convert.

2-Redirect to an e-commerce website to get an online transaction

The landing page increases your chances of an online sale because thanks to a single call to action there are no other distractions for the user. 

As an added bonus, the landing page allows you to measure how relevant your content is for users through tracking of time spent on the page and interactions.

How ?

Confused as to where you should start? AdNatus offers an additional service to create your landing page for you that is aligned with your ad and maximises your chances of attracting new prospects.

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