Frequently Asked Questions

Are you looking to invest in digital advertising? AdNatus will help create your “digital fingerprint”. It encompasses your online presence as well as all the actions of your digital strategy that will enable you to: increase your brand awareness, build your customer service, reach potentiel prospects in your business area and increase customer retention etc.

Depending on the chosen formula your ads will appear on the following media supports :

  • Premium websites : Available standard advertising spaces (Rectangle, Leaderboards, Skyscraper and Billboard)
  • Google : Your paid search ads will appear next to or above the search results as well as in the Google network. 
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tik Tok…): Your ad will appear on the right side, next to the users status update. 
  • Videos : Your ad will appear on Youtube, Snapchat, or a list of premium websites that have editorial and video content.
  • Digital Radio : Your ad will be broadcasted between songs or during commercial breaks on applications such as Spotify or Deezer.

AdNatus offers a multi-channel approach coupled with geotargeting technology which enables ultra-precise audience targeting. 

Our 4-step customer support process helps you navigate digital advertising so that you can create your own digital fingerprint.

  1. We establish your priorities and business challenges to create a brief.
  2. The digital consultants at AdNatus build a media plan based on your objectives and your budget. 
  3. Once the campaign is launched, it is continuously optimised so that your budget can deliver optimal results.
  4. Your campaigns success is submitted in a report that outlines key takeaways that can be used for future campaigns. 

After your first contact with AdNatus, the team will submit your brief with a form that summarises your business, your objectives, budget, business area etc. Certain creative elements may be required such as logo, imagery, texts etc.

We offer French, English, German and Italien. Other languages may be offered upon request.

Throughout your campaign, your AdNatus point of contact will keep you informed of your campaign results. Actions such as clicks, “likes”, conversion tracking, increased website visits etc. will be identified so that you have a clear picture of what drives customer engagement and can leverage those learnings in future campaigns. 

Your ads will need to redirect customers to a landing page. This page doesn’t necessarily need to be a full blown website. In certain cases we can redirect to your Facebook business page.

AdNatus offers a landing page creation service.

  1. Single landing page set-up.
  2. Facebook business page: Set-up of account and main parameters. 
  3. Google My Business: Set-up of account and main content such as description, photos, business hours, contacts, links etc. as well as your company location in Google-Maps.

You can contact us by email form or call our customer service:

FRANCE  +33 977 199 013

SWITZERLAND  +41 799 431 427