Adnatus is a turnkey media solution designed to generate engagement brand affinity consideration strong awareness

Maximise attention to your media campaigns with engagements.

To meet your needs

Multicanal upper funnel performing campaigns

Boost engaged visits

Capture only engaged visits

Capture engaged visits with Adnatus’ all-in-one media solution, including data, media, and creatives.

Optimise efficiently

Use the single best metric to optimise upper funnel campaigns to generate awareness and consideration.

Pay per Engagement

Get guaranteed engaged visits with Adnatus by only paying when you get an engaged visits.

State of the art technology

Built inhouse technology

Engaged visits, media delivery and optimisation has been built internally to best deliver Engagements.

Cookieless technology

Our tech stack is cookieless and allows to measure engagement in any case since it is not based on cookies.

Privacy safe technology

Our solution is compatible with privacy requirement meanwhile delivering optimised campaigns.

All-in-One Campaigns

Cover all channel

Covering all media channels including but not limited to Search, Display, Social, Native, etc.

Best targeting options

Our ability to touch all media channel allows to be able to deliver all the best targeting options in the market.

Creative included

To best deliver engagement and cop with large numbers of formats, we provide creative decoupling of your offering.

Building engagement with your brand.

Why us

Digital media experts, ad tech specialists serving branding campaign efficiency.

At Adnatus, we are committed to delivering the best engagements campaigns capitalizing on ad expertise, creative processes and knowledge, and advanced measurement technology.

Our team of experts and development team has built a state of the art media solution to make sure our advertisers are getting the best engagements from their campaigns.


More than 2 decades of digital ad and marketing expertise to build this solution.

Based on over 530+ advertiser’s campaign experience driving engagements on branding and consideration activities.

A dedicated team of expert and technologists serving advertiser engagement campaigns.

Guaranteed engagements with state of the art tracking technology and efficient media, data and creative campaigns.


Our all inclusive activation campaign make your media booking and campaign planning easier. We manage creative decoupling, advanced tracking and campaign delivery into one solution.

Upper & Mid Funnel

The engagement campaigns developed by Adnatus are the best solutions for ensuring engagement in your upper and mid-funnel campaigns. They guarantee engaged visitors and go beyond mere impressions or clicks.

Actionable and Scalable

Adnatus's engagement campaigns can be easily activated with our expert teams, allowing for the effortless capture of traffic volumes targeted at your audience, even in limited territories.

Ease of Launch

A single point of contact to manage your engagement campaigns. Easy to deploy with a comprehensive solution to ensure the delivery of engaged visitors to your site.

Cross media

Our Adnatus campaign solution is cross-media. Thanks to our proprietary engagement tracking solution, we can deliver the most engaged traffic possible and cover a number of channels simultaneously.

Get results fast

Adnatus campaigns enable rapid activation of your initiatives regardless of the territory or targeting. Take advantage of our engagement campaigns now. Contact us to learn more.


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