Proprietary Engagement Measurement Technology

For the benefit of our campaigns, we have developed a proprietary measurement solution that allows us to guarantee you engaged visits, independent of the media. Our solution analyzes engagement on the site in real time, notably counting 8 seconds of active engagement before indicating an engagement to our measurement solution. We combine this with 12 other measurement points to ensure the quality of the engagements generated.

“Content is king, but engagement is queen and rules the house.”, Mari Smith


This solution allows us to buy agnostically regardless of the placements we use, and thus cover multiple channels to push the one that allows the best engagement according to the type of campaigns. To be relevant, we have developed our solution to be consentless in order to measure engagements without the limitation of cookies, but also to be compatible with cookies in order to be able to optimize campaigns algorithmically.

Les fondations d'AdNatus

Our Technology


Garantied Engagements

Our solution measures engagement on the advertiser’s site in real time to identify truly engaged users, and uses this metric to deliver the best results for capturing qualified traffic.


Privacy Safe Solution

Our technology is privacy-safe because it was developed on a Piwik foundation, which allows full control over the collected data to comply with various regulations.


Reliable Measurement

Our measurement tool is media-independent, allowing us to guarantee quality traffic regardless of media measurement tools. Advanced measurement enables us to better understand the quality of traffic we deliver.


Consentless Technology

Our solution is consentless and thus does not require user consent to be activated. Since we do not collect any personal data without consent, we can activate our solution in all cases, with or without consent.