The mission statement that started AdNatus

Founded on May 1, 2019, AdNatus emerged with a singular mission: to empower small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with advanced digital advertising solutions. Recognizing the unique challenges faced by SMEs in a rapidly evolving digital landscape, AdNatus has dedicated itself to leveling the playing field, offering tailored media strategies that ensure visibility, engagement, and growth. Today AdNatus serve all sizes of company in several territories in Europe.

At the heart of AdNatus’s success is its proprietary engagement measurement technology. Developed in-house, this cutting-edge tool is designed to capture the essence of effective advertising in the cookieless era. By focusing on engagement rather than mere impressions, AdNatus provides advertisers with the insights needed to refine their upper-funnel campaigns, driving not just visibility but meaningful interactions.

«Our desire is to open the doors of digital advertising to businesses of all sizes», Vincent Prou


AdNatus prides itself on a deep understanding of the media landscape and the intricacies of digital advertising. Our team, comprising seasoned professionals from various facets of digital marketing, brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience. This collective expertise allows us to navigate the complexities of online advertising, ensuring that our clients’ campaigns are not only seen but resonate with their intended audience.

In an industry first, AdNatus’s engagement measurement technology stands as a beacon of innovation. This cookieless solution respects user privacy while delivering unparalleled insights into campaign performance. With a focus on engagement, our technology ensures that each interaction is meaningful, providing a solid foundation for decision-making and campaign optimization.

Les fondations d'AdNatus

Our Values



Our goal is to go above and beyond expectations. We look to achieve quality in everything we do whether it be our business activities or work relations.



We pride ourselves on exploring and innovating on daily basis as we are working a changing the digital media landscape with a fully integrated engagement platform powered with AI.



Listening to our customers is one of our priorities so that we can move forward together and bring your projects to life as a team



We are determined to push backs limits, be curious, and bold in order to offer innovative solutions so that everyone may create their own unique digital fingerprint.


Our Team

With over 15 years experience in digital advertising in Switzerland and Europe, the founders of AdNatus bring expertise and knowledge to local advertising.

Vincent PROU


Vincent Prou - AdNatus

« My motivation : Contribute to SMBs growth and expansion through digital advertising.  »


Head of Sales

Julien Berger - AdNatus

« Promote a simple, efficient and transparent digital communication method accessible to all professionals. »

Laura ROUX

Head of Client Services

Laura Roux - AdNatus

« Guide our clients throughout their digital communication journey so that they can harness its full potential. »


Senior Acquisition Media Buyer

Yann Francois - AdNatus

«  Listening, Organizing, Reactivity and Diligence are my guiding principles when managing your campaigns. »


Junior Sales Manager

Manon Plouzane - AdNatus

«Working hand in hand with our clients enables me to create a campaign in-line with business objectives.»


Business Analyst

Manon Plouzane - AdNatus

«My favourite project, is the next one with you !»