Build a Facebook Business Page to optimise your online presence. 

What is it ?

A platform that counts over 2.38 billion users worldwide including over 377 million in Europe. It is the key social media player to be on in order to increase brand awareness. By creating a Facebook Business Page for your activity, you will have an online outlet available to interact with internet users and a place to share your latest news with your customers.

The Facebook Page is available on desktop and mobile formats.

Why ?

Once your page is created you can gather “fans” that interact with your brand online. Little by little, you can build a target audience that is interested in your offer and that audience becomes your brand ambassador.  The more “fans” that  “like” and share your content, the more you build credibility and improve brand awareness

  • Share your latest news and attract new prospects.
  • Utilise your page to increase your customer service.
  • Share promotional events and increase customer retention.
  • Build an online community about your brand. 
  • Use the Marketplace tool to sell your products and services.
  • Share your job ads and attract new talent to your brand. 

How ?

You might not always have time to create new content for your business activity. AdNatus offers additional services to help build your online presence on certain platforms such as Facebook Business Page and Google My Business.  

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