Case Study

Hardware Store

cas pratique : magasin de bricolage

Who ?

A hardware store located in France with both French and Swiss customers due to its proximity with the Swiss border.

What ?

The store would like to promote its Spring barbecue promotion to “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts that are relevant to their target audience.

How ?

By targeting the French and Swiss border area within a 40km radius, the store promotes a springtime promotion during the months of April, May and June with up to -40% discounts.

AdNatus activated a combinaison of promotional formats on the following media supports :

  • Facebook and Instagram,
  • Banners,
  • Native formats.

Our Engagement+ technology allowed to generate to a significant volume of Engagements

By targeting residential areas in the region, the campaign reaches house owners with gardens who are a relevant target audience for the stores sales promotion.

Results ?

engaged visits delivered
in-store traffic

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