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    Communicate specifically with your target audience in your business area thanks to our precise geotargeting technology: GPS coordinates, postcodes, IP, polygone…



    Activate the digital levers in your AdNatus media toolbox to engage with your audience: Social media, Google, Media, Display, Video, Radio, Notifications, Text messages…


    Develop your online presence and optimise your communication strategy in order to increase your brand awareness, drive customer engagement, generate new leads in your business area, increase customer retention etc.

    Is your SMB looking to start digital advertising? AdNatus will help guide you through the process to deliver your objectives. Our digital expertise and experience is at your service to answer your key business challenges. Let’s build your digital fingerprint together!

    • Centralised campaign management

      All of the functionalities grouped into one place

    • Budget Protect

      Your campaign is continuously monitored and optimised

    • Impactful formats

      Your brand is both present and visible online

    • Performance

      Insightful tracking of  KPI’s relevant to your business

    • Geotargeting

      Reach the heart of your target audience

    • Multi-Channel

      Multi-platform approach for maximum advertising impact

    • Transparency of our actions

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    Performance Media


    Impactful Formats

    Your Media Plan

    All of our solutions are customised to suit your business challenges and contribute to a successful media plan.

    Our Products


    • Always on communication
    • 12 or 24 months commitment
    • Formats : Facebook, Google and Native
    • Cost per click
    • CHF/€ 200.- (excluding VAT) per month

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    • Promotional advertising
    • Packages available per theme or per business sector
    • Cost per mille
    • Starting at CHF/€ 1’000.– (excluding VAT) per week

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    Agencies &  Franchises

    • Coherent digital strategy on both national and local levels
    • Budget to be determined 

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    • Adapted to your business challenges
    • Multiple audience targeting
    • Starting at CHF/€ 6’000.– (excluding VAT) per campaign

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